CES 2012 – Your phone Smoked by Windows Phone? 88% yes

Smoked by Windows Phone?CES 2012 has just finished and I came across the challenge “SmokedByPhone” [REF-02].

You can watch the videos on YouTube [REF-03]. The challenge results are interesting, specially for a phone OS which have only about 1.5 % of the global phone shares market (see my previous entry on that).

Overall results for Windows Phone 7.5 (aka Mango):

  • 30 wins.
  • 3 loses
  • 1 draw

=> 88% wins. Not bad !!

Let’s see by the end of 2012 where Windows Phone will be – Nokia and HTC launched this week new phones in USA, that should boost Windows Phone sales and shares market. (more…)


Windows Phone – Where are we at the end of 2011?

Windows Phone

Windows Phone 7

In 2010, I attended the TechEd Europe in Berlin and Windows Phone was one of the keynotes at the time and the fact that it was launched in Europe in October 2010. Fourteen months later, where are we? (more…)

TechEd 2010 – Day #4

Today, I went to 4 sessions.


First one was presented by Dino Esposito and about “Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) in Action”. MEF is now part of .NET 4.0 framework

The primary role of MEF is to extend the application at runtime. As a framework, it is to improve productivity by providing the required features for extensibility and dicosvery. (more…)

TechEd 2010 – Day #2

PeopleToday, the rally of sessions started.

The first one was on “Code First Development with Entity Framework (EF)“. EF v4.0 is still a new product, but for RAD (Rapid Application Development) this can help to quickly create a new project and have a sense of the data model in a short period of time. However, the feature that “re-creates” the database everytime you launch the application must not be delivered into Production (right now, you must implements the logic in the configuration or comment that part of the code before building the application and shipping it into Production).

Open Data Protocol slideNext, I went to “Open Data for the Open Web” (OData) – speaker: Jonathan Carter – Excellent session. (more…)

TechEd 2010 – Day #1

Windows Phone 7

Today, I attended Jaime Rodriguez (http://blogs.msdn.com/b/jaimer/) sessions on Windows Phone 7. Great sessions!!

Some of my notes:

  • Main goals of Windows Phone 7:
    • “End users” first (or at the center). Two aspects:
      • METRO : Like in the subways stations, a pure and simple iconography can make a lot of sense to many people, i.e. they understand how to move around on the transports (not always easy to get started, but here in Berlin looking at the signs it was easy for mr to follow and get on the trains – I am french, and the principle worked). (more…)
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