CES 2012 – Your phone Smoked by Windows Phone? 88% yes

Smoked by Windows Phone?CES 2012 has just finished and I came across the challenge “SmokedByPhone” [REF-02].

You can watch the videos on YouTube [REF-03]. The challenge results are interesting, specially for a phone OS which have only about 1.5 % of the global phone shares market (see my previous entry on that).

Overall results for Windows Phone 7.5 (aka Mango):

  • 30 wins.
  • 3 loses
  • 1 draw

=> 88% wins. Not bad !!

Let’s see by the end of 2012 where Windows Phone will be – Nokia and HTC launched this week new phones in USA, that should boost Windows Phone sales and shares market. (more…)


Exception – How to raise and retrieve error information whithout losing it?

Small icon All .NET applications at sometime will have to deal with an exception. It is just a matter of time. As application run longer in PRODUCTION phase than in development (unless it is a prototype ;)) the more information you can get out of the exception, the more likely you will be able to quickly pinpoint the root cause and resolve the issue.

I know, this might seem a little too basic, but there are still some misuses of Exception and misunderstanding about how to raise/re-raise exception without losing the original information. So here it is my contribution to help to improve the “good” use of Exception programming in .NET (samples are in C#, but the principles are valid for the .NET platform). (more…)

PerfView 1.0 – A new performance analysis tool

Microsoft has just released a new performance analysis tool, called PerfView (download here).

It can help to isolate CPU- and memory-related performance issues. As I do a few performance analysis per month, this is a very good news – something new to try. (more…)

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