About me

My name is Joao Morais. I am an experienced IT Architect from an engineering background. I have passion for Software development, Distributed systems, Enterprise Architecture and like challenging project team.

About this Web Site

As an IT Architect, Sr Developer or a Team lead, I have always found a solution to move and get the team moving forward. This blog is also about sharing my actions, problem/solution(s) and thoughts with other readers on IT subject.

As for the tagline “360° on .NET Develoment”, this is what I do everyday : .NET development is the center of my activities and I just move around to do and get things done.


Everybody can use all contents without any restriction, but I’d appreciate a notification mail, or comment in the post if somebody is using it. Code from third-party software still retain any owner’s copyrights.

Contact me

You could easily contact me through the Contact Page or via LinkedIn.

Good read,

Joao Morais.

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